“All along, the E.J. Perry crews have respected that this is our home– not an unoccupied, empty building or a commercial space. We’re sure it had to be exceptionally challenging for them to be working downstairs while we were continuing to live upstairs or next door.

But they have always been courteous, friendly, and reliable– and we can attest from personal, first-hand observation that they are unbelievably hardworking.

In order to remedy the foundation problems, E.J. Perry workers had to take out everything and dismantle the whole downstairs– and put it all back together again.

belleThat meant they had to remove the furnace and fuel tank, break up and remove the slab floor, lower the lally columns in order to fix the bowed floors upstairs and address the cause of the huge cracks that had developed in the corners and doorways. Then new concrete had to be poured, and painting, trim and finish work to make the place look just like it was— only better.

For us, being here on site the whole time meant we could closely follow the entire process. We were amazed at the organization and orderliness– no messes were left at the end of the work day. Safety was clearly a priority. We also observed how skilled and competent the workers were. And diligent—as one of them put it, “I want to do everything I can to get you folks back in your home.”

With a big, complex job like this, communication makes a huge difference. Throughout the entire project, we had ongoing face-to-face contact with Jeff, the crew foreman, as well as Scott, the project manager. That says it all, right there!”

-Pamela and John Vollert