In 1997, Eric Perry founded E.J. Perry Construction out of his home in Hallowell. Ever since its humble beginnings, which started with nothing but a borrowed pick-up truck, Eric has instilled the skills, experience and integrity that continue to be the foundation of the business today.

Over the years, the Maine business has earned and maintained a solid reputation for quality work — completed on time and under budget. E.J. Perry Construction now boasts a fleet of distinctive bright orange company vehicles. The company has amassed a substantial portfolio of delighted business and residential clients across the state of Maine and beyond. As a general contractor, E.J. Perry specializes in new commercial building and renovation, as well as residential construction.

Eric Perry at Merrill AuditoriumAfter high school, Eric enrolled in a four-year engineering program at Maine Maritime Academy. His education there built on his longstanding passion for building and problem solving. Upon graduation he acquired a position at Granger Northern Inc., a large Portland based General Contractor. He went up the ranks there, eventually serving as their Project Manager for the rebuild of one of Maine’s greatest historic landmarks — Portland’s Merrill Auditorium. This seven-million dollar renovation of the 1912 structure lasted 14 months, and included construction of a 20,000 square foot addition, resulting in improved acoustics, sightlines, and stage facilities.

Now, as the founder, owner and President of his own business enterprise, Eric still delights in solving large and small construction problems and overcoming challenges — and has sought out topnotch employees who share the same passion.

E.J. Perry specializes in commercial and residential construction and remodeling, as well as historic renovation.