Motor Supply

“When I contacted E.J. Perry I had very little experience with building contractors – my late husband had handled these sorts of things.  However, when the flooring in my commercial building was starting to break apart and fall into the basement, I needed to find someone whom I could trust to replace the floor.

I had heard good things about E.J. Perry, and knew that they had been a sponsor of the Row House [Historical Society], indicating their strong concern for the community.  When I contacted them, I was pleased to find that they responded quickly.  Scott Higgins, the project manager, did an excellent job of analyzing the problem and laying out our options and their associated costs.  His kindness, patience, and knowledge were extremely helpful to someone like myself, who had little experience in these matters.

I am very satisfied with the job that E.J. Perry did – the work was high quality, reasonably priced, and completed promptly.  If I need similar work done in the future, they are the first company I would think of, and I would certainly recommend E.J. Perry to anyone else.”

– Joyce Jose