Maine EMS Memorial and Education Center, Augusta ME

This unique project was a dream, ten years in the planning and fundraising before we were approached to help bring it to fruition. The goal was to establish a striking, thought provoking, meditative site on the capitol grounds to honor fallen EMS personnel as well as educate the public and pay tribute to the founders and everyday contributors to the state EMS system.

This was a situation where the owners had figured out 75% of what they wanted, the architect had brought them to about 90%, and we were asked to come in and help with the final, transformative 10%. The construction was not particularly challenging— digging holes and paving surfaces is practically routine for us. But what we could offer was managing the project, bringing the elements together to help this unique vision become a reality— including the installation of inscribed, glass-topped granite pillars and a signature, illuminated glass panel, and a ground breaking ceremony that needed to come off without a hitch.  Contributing our knowledge, networking and expertise to fit all the puzzle pieces together was very rewarding experience for us.