“When major structural repairs were needed, our condo association selected EJ Perry to do the work.  It’s been a long, extensive process that has taken months.  No one would want to go through this if it weren’t necessary. But every single one of my neighbors up and down the road would agree that EJ Perry’s quality of work and professionalism are top notch.

Of course, we all recognized that in order to address the building concerns, things had to get worse before they got better. But these folks from EJ Perry clearly get that it’s not just a foundation problem— these are our homes.  They treat us like people— it’s obvious that they understand that this is a disruption to our daily lives.  They give us as much advance notice as possible about what will be happening, and how it might affect us.

For example, Scott (the project manager) advised me that because there were going to be vibrations throughout the building from the basement drilling, I should take my pictures down off the wall rather than risk that they might fall down.  And knowing that I have an elderly cat, he makes a point of giving me a heads-up when there is going to be a lot of noise or commotion so that I can minimize the impact on Belle.

Since this is not new construction but my neighbors and I are already living here, the crews go out of their way to be careful with our plantings and shrubbery.  And it’s not just the person in charge, but all the EJ Perry workers are courteous and thoughtful.  One day when we were chatting, Scott told me,  “We’re picky about who we hire.” That’s a smart policy, and it makes a big difference!

We didn’t luck out when our condos were originally constructed– but we sure did with EJ Perry.  I’m just sorry we didn’t have EJ Perry build them in the first place!”

-Susan Anderson