Rockwood Condominiums, Falmouth ME

When this condominium development was originally constructed less than a decade earlier, the developer/builder did not ensure that the foundations were built on soil with adequate load-bearing capabilities.  Some of the soils were not compacted sufficiently to support the weight of the new buildings being constructed on top of them. After the foundations had been poured and the condos finished, the weight of the new structures eventually caused several of these residences to settle as much as two or three inches.  This in turn caused significant structural issues (foundation cracking, floor buckling, etc.) Remedying the situation required major excavation in and around the buildings at the ground level.  The upper floors were shored up while pouring new piers under the existing foundations to adequately support the load and prevent further settling.  This entailed removing and then eventually reinstalling boilers, the basement slab floor and the soil under the slab. Completing the job required over a year, including the extensive restoration, repairs and finish work in order to bring the condos back to their intended condition.