Multi-family Residence

Five unit Middle Street multi-family residence major renovation, Hallowell ME This charming but run down building, constructed as an elegant late 19th century home, was completely renovated by E.J. Perry, resulting in aesthetic and structural improvements as well as drastically increased energy efficiency.   The interior drywall on the exterior walls was completely removed to install…

Maine EMS Memorial and Education Center

This unique project was a dream, ten years in the planning and fundraising before we were approached to help bring it to fruition. The goal was to establish a striking, thought provoking, meditative site on the capitol grounds to honor fallen EMS personnel as well as educate the public and pay tribute to the founders and everyday contributors to the state EMS system.

Construction at Motor Supply

Motor Supply

Over time at this retail facility, years of moisture had seeped unnoticed through small cracks into structural concrete slab that had been designed to be self supporting. As a result the concrete ceiling material started to spall, or disintegrate into loose shale-like debris, onto the floor below. At some point, plywood had been