Construction at Motor Supply

Motor Supply

Over time at this retail facility, years of moisture had seeped unnoticed through small cracks into structural concrete slab that had been designed to be self supporting. As a result the concrete ceiling material started to spall, or disintegrate into loose shale-like debris, onto the floor below. At some point, plywood had been


Are you looking to replace or update any part of your contemporary or older home?
Let our team assist you with attractive, functional, durable and cost-effective solutions. We offer homeowners the same expertise, integrity and attention to quality that have earned us our large commercial jobs.


We offer a wide range of commercial construction services for your property, business or workplace
— from new construction to occupied renovations. No matter what the project entails, you can trust our team to exceed your expectations—on time, and often under budget.

Heavy Duty & Site Work

We know every project needs a solid foundation— and curb appeal.
We understand that what’s under and around any building is just as important as the structure itself. Concrete cutting, heavy structural repairs— whatever it takes, our efficient, hard-working crew will efficiently handle the dirty work, leaving your site in tiptop shape and ready for the next steps.

What We Do

E.J. Perry Construction offers a wide range of services related to all aspects of construction and building, from conceptual ideas to the finished product. These include commercial, residential and heavy duty demolition/site work for clients ranging from large corporate entities to individual homeowners. In the words of the company founder and President, Eric Perry, “Above…

Who We Are

In 1997, Eric Perry founded E.J. Perry Construction out of his home in Hallowell. Ever since its humble beginnings, which started with nothing but a borrowed pick-up truck, Eric has instilled the skills, experience and integrity that continue to be the foundation of the business today. Over the years, the Maine business has earned and…

“Crews respected our home”

“All along, the E.J. Perry crews have respected that this is our home– not an unoccupied, empty building or a commercial space. We’re sure it had to be exceptionally challenging for them to be working downstairs while we were continuing to live upstairs or next door. But they have always been courteous, friendly, and reliable–…